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Top 3 Beauty Products That Military Women Love

Beauties, you must ABSOLUTELY get this clay mask! I have searched high and low…far and wide, but I could not find another mask that deep cleans my pores like this one. For such a long time, I have struggled with congested pores. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on microderms, this product has become my Holy Grail. I love it so much that I sleep in it and it never has caused any skin irritations or breakouts. (Click the image for more details.)


For those Naturalistas that struggle with defining their curls or maybe tired of trying to find a hair gel that does not dry out their out tresses.  I like to use this gel immediately after my washing routine…while my hair is soaked.  After my first use of this Curling Soufflé, I noticed that my curls were defined, soft, and shiny.  Also, the Soufflé shortened my drying time!  (Click the image for more details.)


One of my number one summer nail polish colors is the Do You Lilac It? by OPI.  This color is like my nude…it just works with everything.  Needless to say, my favorite color was purple.  Would you have guessed it? (Click the image for more details.)

Have you ever tried any of these?  If so, what was your experience?  Do you have any “Holy Grail” beauty products that you would like to share?

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