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How are you doing Beautiful?  I know that today is “Hump Day”, but let’s take a few moments to relax and unwind a bit before we jump right in to this chat.

1. Breathe.

2. Take a Relaxing Bath (with extra scented oils and bubbles…oh yea, and don’t forget the candles!)

3. Slip on your favorite fashionable silk PJ’s.


Now that you are in wind down mode and made it through steps 1-3, we’re ready to chop it up about this VERY important skirt topic.  Only because I want to see you look just as FABULOUS as you are! Yasssss!  Ok, I feel like, if I don’t share this insight with you, then I would be keeping a secret from you.  LOL I believe that friends don’t let friends keep secrets!  What do you believe is the sexiest part of a skirt? The hemline…that’s right you nailed it! Or did you guess right!?  Anywho, historically speaking, the hemline on a skirt represented socio-economic class.  Apparently, the longer the hem, the more expensive the skirt or dress would be. Needless to say, the maxi skirts would be reserved for the women who live the luxurious life.  In addition to hemlines being associated with status and class, they were also associated with the rise and fall of the stock market…this lingo was entitled as the Hemline Index.  The theory implies that the stronger the economy, the shorter the skirts.  Imagine that?  Those darn hemlines are a powerful thing, huh?

Let’s move on to the sexy part…of course, that’s what you are here for right!?  Sexy is not necessarily about a look, but being sexy is also tied to influence as history shows the skirt’s hemline meets the guidelines to REALLY bring sexy back.  In a previous post, I chatted with you about the “THEE Most Flattering Skirt of All!“.  The reason for the that post was to segue to this post and draw your attention to the hemline. Another thought is that the hemline of the skirt is the most fashionable aspects to the entire skirt design…so much can be done to the hemline bring life to the garment.

While designing my first set of skirt samples, I did not give the hemlines much thought.  What a mistake that was!  Now I realize that I could have missed out on the most important detail of my skirt collection.  This is the number one reason that I have decided to pay closer attention to this area going forward as I believe it is the difference between basic, contemporary, and couture designs.  If you don’t believe me, just check out the skirt…any skirt.  Your eyes will automatically focus on where the hemline stops and while your eyes stop there, why not give them some extra “eye candy”?

Don’t just let me do all the talking here…let me know what your thoughts on hemlines in the comments!  Until next time darlin’, be beautifully you!



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