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Those are just a few things on my long list that I associate with weddings. Ya know…the kind of things that are floating around in your mind as you are excited to be a guest to witness two people commit the rest of their lives to one another.  But wait a minute…suddenly, everything comes to an screeching halt! “What am I going to wear?”  Have you ever gotten so frustrated with rumbling through your closest or running through the stores like a mad woman?  Well, help is here!

I thought this would be a great topic to discuss after reading comments, by a young lady, who responded to a skirt picture that was shared on my FaceBook page…she was struggling to find a cute skirt to wear to a wedding.  In the spirit of wedding season, I wanted to showcase a few skirts to keep you out of the “overwhelm” zone. You might ask, “Why wear a skirt?” Well, for starters, skirts are flexible for most body types and versatile enough to create a seamless day to evening look.  The most important element of a skirt is not necessarily the design aesthetic, but the proper fit.  Check out these wedding appropriate skirts!

Need a little tummy control?  The high-waistline on our Jenny Maxi Bridal Skirt is unique and on trend!  Not only is it super chic and sexy, but this versatile piece is definitely a four-season skirt. This beauty is a great example of a skirt that takes cuteness and proper fit to the next level!  Love is definitely in the air with our Jenny Maxi Bridal Skirt.  Oh, did I mention that this skirt will accentuate your waistline?  You’re welcome!

Curvy women look out!  Our Liza Snake Print Midi Skirt is perfect for our elite party girls and stylish without sacrificing comfort for quality.  The snake print on this skirt will surely cause eyes to be turned in your direction.  Pair this with your red or nude pumps from the Wardrobe Starter Kit and a white blouse.  POW!  This look will make you slay from night to day!

Battle Beauties Fashion Boutique

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    1. Hi Brandie,
      Absolutely! Mixing and matching your statement pieces is always a good idea. Thanks for responding to my blog posts!


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