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Hey Curvy Beauty!

Lol I know that it’s been a while since we’ve chatted so we must catch up.

Curves comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes – we all know that! Just by wearing the right kind of an outfit you can totally change the way you feel or look. That is, you need to design or put together an outfit to actually fit and flatter your body rather than forcing yourself into fitting something off the rack. And it goes without saying that when you feel good, you look good! If you have an hourglass body, the best advice we can give you is to embrace your curves. Kiss goodbye to all those baggy, oversized, chunky outerwear or shirts. Say hello to some style and flare. Flaunt your curves!

If you are dressed right, you can actually look a size or two down than what you actually are! When it comes to style tips for curvy women, it is all in picking up the right pair of jeans. An hourglass figure usually has a narrow waist – a low-rise jeans is just the perfect fit for that. Also, you may want to check slim-fit denim, just as shown in the outfit we picked. Now, slim-fit or skinny low-rise jeans for curvy women may ring some alarming bells in your head. For ages skinny pants have been a “sweetie-no” for curvy beauties, but trust us, when you find the right fit, it actually looks sexy with total finesse.

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Instead of a straight boy-friend jeans pair, the skinny-fit low-rise jeans would accentuate your waist and all the right curves; even if you have thunder-thighs, a skinny-fit jeans would still look awesome when paired with some high heels. To find your perfect pair, do not shy away from trying a few pairs. Because when you find the perfect fit, the outfit combos you can come up with are endless. Not to mention, that the combo of skinny pants and heels gives you an extra high on the leggy department so you’d look taller than you are.

When it comes to picking up tops for curvy women, go for crop tops instead of the usual tees. Again, crop tops would flatter your waist – the strongest point of an hourglass figure. For more of a sassy girl-next-door vibe opt for a bandeau top, preferably in black! It goes perfectly with low-rise jeans. Finish with an embellished lace or net see-through outerwear for some added oomph and flare!

Battle Beauties Fashion BoutiqueBattle Beauties Fashion Boutique

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