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Hey Beauty,

In the spirit of starting 2017 off right, we have to discuss some important business.  You know that one guy or maybe two that you have dated that all your friends told you that you should break up with?  Did you listen to them? Probably not.  I mentioned this because I can totally relate!  Breaking up is hard to do…but very necessary at certain points.  Sometimes it CAN get ugly.  You know, this is exactly how I feel about getting rid of clothes…more specifically, skirts.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you and I both know that we can grow an emotional attachment to garments.  It’s like this dramatized love affair!  We’re together. Then were not. Get BACK together and things are wonderful. Wait…you did what!?  Now we are breaking up for good this time!  Ever been in that cycle before? (Sigh) Well here’s an excerpt of my skirt break up speech: “First we look good together and then we don’t.  What’s the deal? In this case, I’ve decided to be amiable about the situation.  Consider this as my last GOODBYE”.  I know…super dramatic right!  Lol Ok so let’s talk about some of these things that we need to leave behind.


The Peplum Skirt:  Honestly, this skirt made the list because I am just so tired of seeing it.  Or it may just be this style of peplum that is so overworn.  Hmmmm.








Rounded-Toe Pump:  I could just scream every time I look at this picture let alone on someone’s feet!  This type of pump with ANY skirt should just die.

Infamous Flower Crown:  I am definitely so over this Snap-Chat filter phenomenon!  At an outing that I attended once, there was actually a lady that wore one of these…what a tragedy.  As you can see, Flower Crowns look great on pets so let’s leave those for them.








Asymmetrical Skirt and High-low Skirt: No explanation required.  Let’s just leave these in 2016, ok?












Last, but certainly not least of my break-ups are the Printed Tights.  Any skirt worn with these makes the ENTIRE look outdated.  These tights should be reserved for Halloween gatherings.

There you have it!  Besides people, what fashion items are you leaving behind this year?  Let’s continue the conversation in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by!









4 Replies to “Outdated Fashion: Breaking up is Hard to Do”

    1. Hey Beauty,
      Thanks for checking out my blog…really appreciate it! I hear you loud and clear…totally understand. Quite frankly, we all like to hold on to things the are utterly toxic to our lives. 🙂 I guess the question one should ask themselves is, “Does this outdated fashion item add any value to my style or wardrobe?”


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