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Hey Gorgeous,

Spring is in the air…hence the reason for the tropical print!  I know that you have been wondering where I’ve been, but I have so much to catch you up on!  Fabrics, production, trimmings, skirts, USPS, phone calls, and oh, more fabrics…that’s just a little insight as to what I have cooking up behind the scenes.  I am super excited to share with you that I finally got my ALL NEW prototypes for my skirts just yesterday.  I posted a few vids on my SnapChat —>beauty4ashes314 and you can check out my IG page —–>  Last time I chatted with you, I shared about why I love designing for curvy military women.  We sacrifice.  We Slay.  Yasssss!  Just in case, you may want a refresher about out our conversation again, check it out here. While you are reading and catching up, I must do something really, really important!

——————————————————————-Pause for a quick ice-cream break———————————————————–

Please don’t judge me! LOL Moving on…

One of the most important aspects of looking over this run through is to ensure the quality is A1.  After all, who wants to wear any garment that lacks quality?  Yes, quality is everything!  Honestly, the OCD in me wanted to pull out the magnifying glass to check for defects.  I know, I know…that is so extra right!?  It is necessary because I refuse to bring a mediocre product to market!  Needless to say, I was very pleased and now I am looking forward to seeing the final pre-production samples…more to come.  Question for you.  When purchasing luxury products, what do you look for in terms of quality?  I will be chatting about this in my Battle Beauties Fashion Network (FaceBook Group) and I will definitely discuss this on my IG feed next week.

I am super excited to announce that I have a photo shoot next week and I cannot wait to show you the behind the scenes shenanigans…most of all, can’t wait for you to see the new collection of skirts!

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Chat with you soon darlin’.



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