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WAIT! I know that winter is just around the corner depending on which part of the country you are in. Before you decide to put that hot skirt on the shelf for next season, here are some ways that you can still slay this winter.

Skirts are the cute and chic apparel that can be worn for work and for after work parties. This multifunctional apparel is easy to wear, easy to design and very stylish when designed properly. The two very common skirts that you can come across are pencil skirts and midi skirts. These are also perfect skirts for curvy women. You can slay any look you want by pairing sexy skirts with a well fitted blouse.

Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts are perfect office attire. But there are many variations of pencil skirts that can be used for after work parties too. A pencil skirt is long enough to reach your knees and may go a little longer or shorter, but not very short. They accentuate your waist and your calves when worn. It is ideal to pair a pencil skirt with pumps and stilettos because this way, your legs appear longer and sexier. For skirt slayage for the winter you could pair it with boots.

If you are wearing a pencil skirt, you can wear it with a shirt that is tucked in or a blouse with a deep plunge top. Another way to slay with a pencil skirt is by wearing a bodycon suit and pair with a pencil skirt which is Kim Kardashian’s favorite style. While choosing a pencil skirt, choose neutral tones if the blouse has more character and a neutral blouse if your skirt has more patterns and designs. Feel free to add an extra layer of a jacket or a coat to finish your winter look.

Midi Skirts:

Unlike the pencil skirt, midi skirts flow to the sides and give a flirtatious appeal. You can pair a midi skirt with a crop top and slay the look by completing it with ideal wedges or flats. With midi skirts you can pair different patterns together, for example, you can pair a polka dotted midi skirt with a striped cowl neck.

Midi skirts are a very trendy quotient and can be paired very easily. Also, you can make your own midi skirt with printed material of your choice. The easiest way for skirt slayage is by wearing a bright red midi skirt and pairing it with a nude top. Think lace? You can pair a chic lace blouse or crop top with a flowing midi skirt.

Skirts can be your ideal partner with creating the most ravish and stylish looks for winter. The beauty of skirts is that, you can always substitute a skirt and a crop top for a sexier dress. Time to ditch that date night dress and go for a skirt instead!


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