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Hey Gorgeous,

Yesssss, girl!  It is going to be okay.  This post is about loving the most important person FIRST…that person is you!  I know you were probably thinking that we are going to have a chat about relationships.  About this guy…or about that guy.  Oh, we will get to that part and share some tea.  Let’s take this time to focus on us instead of all of the hoopla that surrounds Valentine’s Day or “V-Day”.  I know that you wear so many hats.  Hmmm, to name a few: single mom of a beautiful little girl, active duty military, outreach leader at the local homeless shelter…need I go on?

With all those hats, I’m certain that there are times that you feel like giving up.  Wanna know how I know?  I know this because I have been right there in your shoes.  It seems like you give more of yourself than you actually get back in return.  As you already know, I am a single mom, boss entrepreneur, part-time student, and so much more.  That’s why I feel that I can totally relate to you…after all that’s why we rock together anyway, right?  Life is so much easier when you are surrounded by friends and family that get you…ya know.

One of the reasons that being surrounded by the right people is that there are moments when you feel like giving up.  I mentioned this because I had a moment like that this week.  I really had to ask myself, “Why am I in fashion?”  “How bad do I really want this?”  “Do I honestly believe in myself?”  Taking a hard look in the mirror can be very difficult sometimes.  You should check out my blog post about “Dare to Be Authentic” because I share some short details of my experiences with my first Bridal Collection and the insecurities that I felt along the way,  So, when was the last time that you took an honest assessment of your life?  Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point.  I know that just last month you set some goals.  Are people still calling them resolutions?  Ok, I see.  Anywho, I think that this self-assessment is critical because it is still early to discover if or when anything has gotten us off track.

This is key.  For example, when I had the vulnerable moment that I mentioned to you earlier, it was then that I realized that I have to love WHO I am first and WHAT I do second.  What do I mean?  Well, let me explain…we, as women, have to get to a place to where we are clear on who we are as individuals and then embrace it.  It’s pretty much like falling in love with yourself again.  It’s okay to romance yourself.  Self-love is ok.  Personally, this has helped me so much.  It alleviates the heaviness of being misunderstood and unappreciated.

So does love really win?  Yes!  Love wins without a doubt!  Now I know that it IS okay to be me and to love myself for who I am.  I can pursue my passion as a fashion designer unrestrictedly.  So as you are walking through Wal-Mart with your little girl or shopping at Barneys to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day, please remember our chat about love wins.  Well thanks for hanging out with me and I hope you have a prosperous week!  Talk to you again soon darlin’.

P.S. I would love to chat about plans for Valentine’s Day.  Let’s chat about what’s hot in your area in the comments section!



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