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Hey Beauty,

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since we last got together, so I had to kick our chat off with something juicy. Ok, so sit back, grab some wine and let’s chop it up a bit.

What I am about to share with you will help you to better understand why designing skirts for you, the Curvy Military Woman, is more than just my passion. It’s what I was born to do!

You see, some people are so intoxicated with fashion and fashion design because it’s “trendy” or they think because they can style some chic outfits and post the pictures on Instagram…that this fashion industry is for them. Well, news flash, fashion design is certainly not for everyone. There are great moments as well as challenging moments. I will soon share more about my experience with manufacturers and others in the fashion industry that slammed the door right in my face. BUT! I refused to give up…you know why? Here is my why:

I Love to Make Curvy Women Look and Feel Beautiful:
Being a curvy woman, I love to look AND feel beautiful. Most often “curvy” is used interchangeably with “plus size”. The fashion industry tends to oust curvy women and make us feel like we are aliens. This is so frustrating! Curvy Women should not be body shamed because we have curves…oh, and please chill with calling us PLUS SIZE! Thank you very much. I know that you understand and I am sure that you have had to deal with the “looks” that people give you. Darlin’ I want you to feel celebrated and I believe that your curves will feel right at home in my skirt designs. I am certain that you will be FABULOUS! So I cannot wait to show you my new designs!

Curvy Women Are Tired of the Scraps: It never fails, when you see that cute skirt or blouse that you have been wanting…wait for it…they do NOT have your size! Ugh! Yes, the struggle is real. I know that you do not want to have to search and search online or in the store only to find that they don’t even carry your size. What!? Now when they do have your size, it looks like a garment for the “average”. I mean, c’mon! I truly believe that you want to feel luxurious and glamorous. That’s why I have decided to offer a contemporary lux skirt line to bridge that gap. I hear so much heartbreaking stories, from curvy women like us, about instances of disappointment from challenges emerging in the fashion industry past and present.

Lastly, Curvy Women have been flooding the runway at NYFW. We are continuing to make our stamp on the world of fashion and I am super excited to be a part of the movement. Do you have any challenges with being a Curvy Military Woman? Where do you like to shop for fashion that caters to your curves? Let’s chat in the comments!

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