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Hey there Gorgeous,

I bet you were thinking that I would be talking about the 90’s R&B group, Color Me Badd!  Lol  I could, but I’ll wait.  Haha, I may even share a 90’s playlist soon.   Hmmmm.  Moving on. 

What are you up to today?  I’m sure that you are progressing and making big moves as usual.  As for me, I am in the process of making dinner and I wanted to hop on here to chat with you to share of my progress on my fashion journey.  Whew! I have come a long way since I’ve made the first Color Me Bad Part 1 post.  Girl, if you have not read it, you gotta check it out so that you can get caught up!  In the first post, I shared a little about my insecurities growing up…from my dark complexion to my fear of color.  Fast forwarding a bit, I decided to transition out of the Information Technology world to move out on some things that I am very passionate about.  That passion is what keeps me up pretty late and drives me to wake early everyday.  As you can tell, I love fashion!

It took me several years to realize that fashion is my calling.  This is what I was born to do!  That said, I decided to finally step out on faith to apply for a college fashion program and guess what!?  I was super nervous about it.  BUT!  I was accepted!  This step was huge for me and I have been enjoying learning so many things.  One of those things that I am learning about is Color Harmony and Color Theory.  I will share a presentation that I put together last week that will bring you up to speed on what colors are poppin’ in fashion today.  Color is a way to express individuality and purpose.  Colors are not just colors as they have a much deeper meaning.  They can also influence certain behaviors too.  I also use vibrant colors in my fashion designs to show elegance and luxury.

On the flipside, as a designer, I know that I must carefully select colors that harmonize because improper color combinations can potentially turn you away from the brand.  So let’s just say that when I am designing skirts, I am designing with you in mind.  I got my color inspiration from a stock photo that I discovered on the Internet.  Believe it or not, I found my mood board colors not from the architecture, but from the water!  Don’t worry, you won’t miss my launch.  Be on the lookout in May 2017 for the Battle Beauties Skirt Collection!  I am super excited!  Check out my Color Harmony fashion project.   I’ll be sure to share more about my journey with you next week so stay tuned.  Thanks for hanging out with me!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.





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