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Hey Beauties!

Do any of you remember that R&B group from the 90’s?  Ha, well this pretty much sums up the beginning of my fashion journey!  I did not want anything to do with fashion or color…especially since I grew up as a tomboy.  Most people reject what they don’t understand, right?  My struggle with fashion began with harnessing my self-confidence.  The three main culprits are self-rejection, self-hatred, and selfishness, but let’s take about the worst two of the bunch.  There are several types of rejection, but did you know that self-rejection is the worst form of rejection?  As a result of being tormented as a kid for the color of my skin and my facial features, I grappled with self-rejection and self-hatred.  These insecurities followed me well into my adult life until I had an encounter with God and discovered this scripture:

Song of Solomon 1:5

I am dark, but lovely,

O daughters of Jerusalem

Like the tents of Kedar,

Like the curtains of Solomon.

This is scripture is the “bread and butter” of my fashion journey that I hold on to for dear life!  I had to learn to embrace the “me” that God sees and loves.  Now this was not just a one-time learning experience!  God allow circumstances to develop me in the areas of: Love. Confidence. Humility.  These are all heart postures that has impacted my life and will change the way you see yourself and others.  Contrary to popular opinion, fashion does not begin with your “choice” selection of attire.  Fashion begins with owning your greatness!  When you embrace your authentic self, fashion and style become effortless.  What has caused you to be drawn to the fashion industry?  I’m interested in reading your thoughts.  In the meantime, I’ll share more in “Color Me Bad” (Part 2) on great style tips and my fashion journey.  Thanks for stopping by Beauties!


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