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Hi Lovely!

Yasssss….it’s about that time my beauty friend!  This year is wrapping up so you and I should talk about some skirts that have really touched our hearts this year.  There were so many to choose from, but when I saw that skirt that Rita Ora wore last week, my eyes began to water. That’s why I am so compelled to chat with you about these skirts.

Color-blocking is a very fun way to upscale your look.  BUT!  If not executed properly, color-blocking can be a total disaster!  Because you are a Battle Beauty, I know for certain that you don’t have to worry about being hideous in any look so I wanted to share some looks with you to guide you on your way.  The color-blocking retro trend was at its hottest peak in the 60’s and 70’s.  Lol Can you say hippie vibes?!  Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by Piet Mondrian paintings and deployed this mod fashion aesthetic in his fashion designs.

What makes these skirts ultra slay is that they can be worn year-round as they are fitting for every season.  Let’s chat about this in the comments…what are your favorite skirts of 2016?






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    1. Hahaha thanks Darvin! It’s nice to see guys appreciate the articles that I have written.


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