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Know Your Enemy

BB Launch Blog PostTHEY LIED TO YOU!

Your threats aren’t external and neither is your enemy…most of the time.  If we really did some internal “soul-searching”, we would discover that over half of the battle lies within us.  SELF!  Truth be told, we all have an internal enemy, but having the courage to deal with it is what will cause you to be productive and grow.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, I struggled aimlessly with self-rejection, self-hatred, and selfishness until I had the courage to acknowledge the root of these insecurities and allow God to heal my heart.  When we began to see these vices as a threat instead of a friend that we like to hang around, our aggression for change will become much stronger.  We are one decision away from stepping into our greatness.  It’s time to take action…the time is now.  What can you start or stop to become a better version of yourself?  Feel free to comment.  I’d love you hear your story!