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BB Launch Blog PostTHEY LIED TO YOU!

Your threats aren’t external and neither is your enemy…most of the time.  If we really did some internal “soul-searching”, we would discover that over half of the battle lies within us.  SELF!  Truth be told, we all have an internal enemy, but having the courage to deal with it is what will cause you to be productive and grow.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, I struggled aimlessly with self-rejection, self-hatred, and selfishness until I had the courage to acknowledge the root of these insecurities and allow God to heal my heart.  When we began to see these vices as a threat instead of a friend that we like to hang around, our aggression for change will become much stronger.  We are one decision away from stepping into our greatness.  It’s time to take action…the time is now.  What can you start or stop to become a better version of yourself?  Feel free to comment.  I’d love you hear your story!



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  1. What an inspirational message! For many years, confusion was the name of my game. Years of practice had made me my best defender as well as my best nemesis. What or who do I blame for my confusion? Maybe it was my childhood…of course we should blame our parents; or just maybe it was a way for me to continue on a path of mediocrity. A life of little expectation. I’m glad I finally got the message…the message to be true to myself and allow God do the rest. This is challenge and an on-going process that I don’t always reach, but I’m aware and striving to be the best me. A friend and therapist told me something once that stuck; I think she saw it on a hospital bulletin board. She said, “The one thing that brings you to your knees just might be your saving grace.” It was exactly what I needed to hear…Inspiration is powerful, we should all be powerful.

    1. Thanks for commenting T. Ayazgok! I can definitely relate and it was utter confusion for me until I acknowledged that it was not every one else…it was me! I was the problem. Nonetheless, I had to be deliberate about acknowledging the issues in my life and moving forward with a plan to do better. Ya know, Michael Jackson was on to something when he made the song, “Man in the Mirror”! We should all continue to strive to be better than we were yesterday on this path to greatness. Cheers to being a better “us”!


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