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Hey Curvy Beauties!

It is so good to be back…feels like it’s been a while since we last chatted. Ok so let’s get right into it.

One of the things that frustrates me about being in the fashion industry is the lack of originality or the fear to be original.  The fashion industry houses so many moving parts and various levels of creativity.  Why limit yourself?  After all, creativity is what moves this industry forward.  I can recall the during a photoshoot, for my very first Bridal Collection, having feelings of insecurity.  I began to doubt my talents and vision.  Listen!  This is not a healthy place to be especially if you decide to pursue your dreams at any level of the fashion industry.

Scared and all, I began to market my collection to my private fashion network on Facebook.  Prior to developing the collection, I decided to involve them in them in the process of bring fashion concepts to market. It paid off greatly!  Not only was the content that I shared informative, but I was able to assist other with establishing their fashion business. I really enjoyed listening to their feedback!  From a consumer standpoint, there was so much to learn.

I hope that by reading this blog, that you’ll be unafraid to be your authentic self.  It is our inherent uniqueness that attracts what we need to be successful.

Stay beautiful.  There’s so much that value that you have to offer this world!


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