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NYE Glam: Fabulous New Year’s Eve Outfits

Hey Beauty,

Arise…this your time to shine!  It is truly Battle Beauty season and now the weekend is coming upon us!  Being a Battle Beauty, comes with a price: You MUST slay.  There is no doubt about that!  Lol They hate you for being you, but they can’t deny your gift.  I know for sure that you are already contemplating how you are going to slay for the New Year’s Eve Party.  Have you even decided on which NYE party you’ll attend yet?  Ok, ok…while you are still yet undecided, let’s talk about your slaying strategy.  You can always start with “How to Slay Your Skirt for the Winter” to get your style creativity flowing. Standing out and being ahead of the pack is the norm for you so you can pretty much rock any look and be the center of attention.

That said, they key to ultra holiday slayage lies in your accessory picks as well…very important.  Thank goodness for friends that are fashion designers!  Now you know for certain that your look will be unique, fabulous, and NYE party-ready.  First up is my beautiful friend and not only that, she is an AH-MAZING fashion designer.  Did I mention that she is a military veteran?  Kat Damiani of (Kat Damiani Designs) has this hot LBD that is to dieeeeee so much so that you will see doubles!  Yassss…a chic LBD is ALWAYS  a good idea!

Here’s another one of her chic designs that I am in love with.  The Bianca Silk Blouse is certainly a must have…this blouse is so versatile that it can be styled casually or super glammed.  I know you can rock this without a doubt!  To see more designs, you can simply click on the picture below and it will whisk you away to a shopping frenzy right on her site!


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Bianca Silk Blouse by Kat Damiani Designs


Let’s keep the dress vibe going though.  You know what!?  I love a glamorous dress for a NYE outfit…it just makes total sense!  My friend Sika, is the queen of glammed dresses.  This red form-fitting sequin dress though!


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Awa Red Sequin Dress by The Kingdom Fashion


Last, but not least, this black feathered dress takes glam to another whole level!  This dress is certainly a statement piece and won’t disappoint.


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Rachel Feather Dress by The Kingdom Fashion



Now you should be all set.  These designs will definitely draw all eyes on you so wear them boldy and remember, never let anyone dull your shine.  Go. Slay.  Let me know what you are wearing in the comments section!



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