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WELCOME to our Curvy Beauties Community!

Hey Curvy Beauty!  I know you are getting a “feel” for the site and brand so no pressure.  Lol, I want you to be able to take it all in.  I’m glad that you’re here!

For Battle Beauties Fashion (est. 2015), it’s not just about fashion and style because the synergy here will be the conduit for power relationships and transformational life experiences.  We understand the needs of our Curvy Beauties and we are committed to addressing her needs in our designs.

Listen, the Curvy Beauties Community is for the confident woman!  This woman understands the true essence of her beauty and is bold enough to translate that into her personal style.  We strongly believe that “Curvy Beauties Come In All Sizes!  Being a part of the Curvy Beauties Community may not be for every military woman or skirt lover.  This community is for those beautiful military women who are comfortable in their own skin.  If you are ready to rock with us, let’s GOOOO!

This is an interactive fashion site so please feel free to comment on the posts and share with others.

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